I’ve uploaded all the individual songs to the website. You can find them all under the Music tab. This month’s songs are marked as “New!“.

There are three songs: Tennessee Waltz, On the Road Again, and the Halloween classic, Monster Mash.

I also added The Rainbow Connection. It’s a tricky one that Jo uploaded to the Facebook page and I re-formatted it to look like the rest of our songs. It’s got a key change for the last verse and there are a bunch of new chords. You can leave it all in the original key to make it a bit easier. Either way, anyone who wants a challenge is welcome to tackle it. If we have time at the end of the circle, we can give it a whirl for those who want to try.

The new songs are still available on the Facebook group, but they will also be on QCUkes.com for those not on Facebook.

Remember, the October 7 circle will have a guest instructor, so everyone is asked to bring $5.

See you next week!

PS – If you want to get updates made to the website, you can also follow us on Twitter at @QCUkes.