Happy new year, everyone! It’s time to work off all that turkey with another ukulele circle.

Tuesday, January 6
7 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

It’s almost 2015 and that means it’s time to work on those ukulele resolutions!

We’ve started to build up a pretty good collection of chords over this first year. For 2015, my resolution is to concentrate more on what my right hand is doing. For the next few circles, I’m going to work through the strumming patterns that Joel introduced us to at the his “Ukulele Right Hand” workshop in November.

We’ll spend an hour or so introducing some patterns and try them out on some new songs. The songs have been added below and on the music page.

See you in the new year!

Music for the January 6 circle

[Update] All in one file: (GCEA) (DGBE)