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Month: January 2015

February’s ukulele circle, Feb. 3

Old valentine card with a little boy with a ukuleleTuesday, February 3
7 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

We’re going to continue the introduction to strumming patterns.

All the music in one file: (GCEA) (DGBE)

Songs include:

That’s a lot, so if we don’t get through them all, we’ll finish them off in March. Joel also taught some finger-picking techniques. We’ll look at those in March, too.

New interactive songbook

I’m still working out some kinks and cleaning up the music, but the interactive music library is now live on the website.

The editor allows you to switch tuning from soprano to baritone and also switch keys. That’s helpful in case you find a song that was written for guitar.

A huge thanks to Buz over at Uke Geeks for creating this awesome tool! It’s certainly beyond anything I could ever do.

My boundless gratitude, also, to Joel Jacques and the Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) for providing me with all their music to get this library off the ground!

I still need to move all our existing music into the library so the main music page will still be around for a little while. The new version will eventually replace that one.

I would like to alter the software so it doesn’t ignore the blank lines lines between verses. If you pick any song at random, all the verses will likely run into each other. I’ve added spaces to the songs we’re playing at the next circle, but want this to be automatic.

I also want to turn on uploads so people can submit their own music to the group.

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. If you find any chords with funny numbering, let me know that, too. I’ve already fixed the broken A Major chord that we found at the last circle – you no longer have to cross your fingers to make the numbers match.

Oh, one last thing. Some songs are listed twice. That’s because BUG has a “slow jam” version that may be a bit simpler to play or include extra comments or tips. Part of my clean up is to make it more obvious which version is which.

Happy strumming!

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