It’s time for our 12th Tuesday Night Ukulele circle. I can’t believe how quickly the last year has flown by. In May we’re going to celebrate our first anniversary, but for now, let’s do what we do best: sing a few songs with friends and have some laughs!

7 pm Tuesday, April 7 at Sawchyn Guitars (2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina)

Here are the songs for Tuesday night. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions and thanks to Gary and Laura for The Hukilau Song and Swinging on a Star.

All the songs in a single PDF:

I’ve included YouTube links so you can hear what they sound like and play along. Most are in the same key but if not, I’ve indicated the capo position.

Remember, next month I’m turning the tables and asking group members to try leading a song or performing a solo or group piece. Performing is a great way to push yourself to improve and where better to dip your toe in the water than among friends!