Tuesday, June 2
7 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

We’re going to start collecting fee this month. It’s $10 for the year for individuals and $20 for families.

Update: I’m so sorry. I originally said $15 for families. It should have been $20. My apologies.

I’ve prepared four new songs for this month; two easier ones for the first half and two slightly trickier ones for the second half. Telia did such a great job with “Count On Me” in May that I wanted to add it to our repertoire.

We’ll also play a bunch of tunes from our existing catalogue. If you want to make a request, email me or add it in the comment on Facebook or on the website. You can shout songs out at the circle, but songs requested in advance will jump to the head of the queue!

If anyone wants to do a solo or group song after the break, let me know. I’ll also leave a sign up sheet on the counter.

If the stars align, I should have a projector to display the music! I haven’t tested it yet, but if this works, we should be able to do away with the song books! We can also add new music on the fly, so if anyone would like to lead the group in a song, we can pull it up for everyone to see without having to print 40 pages.