It’s summer! Let’s play outside!

Tuesday, July 7
7 PM
Rotary Park, Regina Avenue and Angus Street (one block west of Albert)

For July’s circle, we’ll meet at Rotary Park. It’s just north of Regina Avenue and west of the Victoria Bridge. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. There is parking on the street and along the alley that takes you to the park.

My parents house backs onto the park and they have offered us a roof in case it rains.

We’ve got three new songs lined up:

You can download all the music in a single PDF:

I don’t know if there will be any way to use the projector outside, so bring your binders.

Just like last month, we’ll also play a bunch of tunes from our existing catalogue. Feel free to shout songs out at the circle, or for those too polite to shout, email me or add a comment on the website or Facebook!