Tuesday Night Ukes
7–9PM, Tuesday, June 7
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

No theme this month:

Tonight, You Belong to Me has become a ukulele classic and I’ve had a few people ask for it. Search for it on YouTube and you will find dozens of versions from movies, celebrities, rock stars and four year olds.

PDFs: New music for June

  • GCEA (soprano, concert, tenor)
  • DGBE (baritone)

Don’t forget about the Manitoba Hal blues ukulele workshop on July 24. Seats are limited and are available at Sawchyn Guitars or at the next circle. Only $35 to learn from one of the best!

The following circle will be July 5 in A.E. Wilson park behind my house (or in my house, if the weather doesn’t cooperate) and then over to Laura’s for August. Details to follow.

Happy strumming!