July 4, 2017
7–9 PM
5967 Mallard Way, Regina, Sask.

It’s Canada’s 150th anniversary! To celebrate, July’s circle will be as Canadian as maple syrup and pond hockey.

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the song list, but I’ve received suggestions for Neil Young, Barenaked Ladies, Anne Murray, Bryan Adams and more. I’ll send the music out later this week and post it to the website and Facebook.

It’s also going to be this year’s first circle away from the shop. Everyone is invited to my backyard (north of A.E. Wilson Park) so be sure to check the address above. Laura and Murray have kindly offered their deck for the circle in August.

Please bring a lawn chair and music stand if you have one. I’ll print out the music since it will be too bright for the projector.

If the weather turns, we have plenty of room in my basement.

Quick note: We do have a poodle who loves attention from strangers. I’ll keep her inside if there are people who aren’t comfortable around dogs.