Ain't She Sweet

Milton Ager and Jack Yellen (1927)

{t:Ain't She Sweet}
{st:Milton Ager and Jack Yellen (1927)}

{c:verse 1}
[Am7]Ain't [C#dim]she [G7]sweet
See her [Am7]walkin [C#dim]down the [G7]street
well I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confidentially
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet

{c:verse 2}
[Am7]Ain't [C#dim]she [G7]nice
well look her [Am7]over [C#dim]once or [G7]twice
and I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confidentially
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]nice

Just [F9]cast an eye
in her di-[C]rection
oh [F9]me oh my,
aint that per-[C]fection

{c:verse 3}
[Am7]I [C#dim]re-[G7]peat
well dont you [Am7]think thats [C#dim]kind of [G7]neat
and I [C]ask you [E7]very [A7]confidentially
[D7]Ain't [G7]she [C]sweet [G7]↓ [C]↓

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