Auld Lang Syne

Traditional Scottish tune, words by Robert Burns

{t:Auld Lang Syne}
{artist:Traditional Scottish tune, words by Robert Burns}
Should [C]auld ac-[Am]quaintance [Dm]be for-[G7]got,
and [C]never [C7]brought to [F]mind?
Should [C]auld ac-[Am]quaintance [Dm]be for-[G#dim]got,
and [Am]days of [G7] lang [C]syne?
For auld [Am]lang [Dm]syne, my [G7]dear,
for [C]auld [C7]lang [F]syne,
well [C]take a [Am]cup o [Dm]kindness [G#dim],
for [Am]auld [G7]lang [C]syne

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