Autumn's Here

Hawksley Workman

{t:Autumn's Here}
{st:Hawksley Workman}

You can [G]tell, by the [D]wind, 
By fresh cut [Am]wood, all stacked to [C]dry,
That autumn’s [G]here, it makes you [D]sad, 
About the [Am]crumby, summer we [C]had,
With pine trees [G]creaking, the ravens [D]screeching, 
Just like the [Am]story, my grandma [C]tells,
‘Bout when a [G]bird, hits your [D]window, 
And someone [Am]you know, is about to [C]die,
That autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here, 
It’s o-[Am]kay, if you want to [C]cry,
‘Cause autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here, 
Autumn’s [Am]here [C][C]

So find a [G]sweater, and you’ll be [D]better, 
Until the [Am]kindling, is tinder [C]dry,
We can be [G]quiet, as we walk [D]down, 
To see the [Am]graveyard, where they are [C]now,
I wonder [G]how, they brought their pi-[D]ano 
To Haldane [Am]Hill, from old Ber-[C]lin,
Be hard to [G]keep it, it well in [D]tune,
With winters [Am]like the one, that’s coming [C]soon,
‘Cause autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here, 
It’s time to [Am]cry now, that autumn’s [C]here,
And autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here,
It’s okay [Am]if you want to cry, ‘cause autumn’s [C]here [C]

I think that [G]ghosts like, the colder [D]weather, 
When leaves turn [Am]colour, they get [C]together,
And walk a-[G]long these, these old back [D]roads, 
Where no one [Am]lives there, and no one [C]goes,
With all their [G]hopes set, on the [D]railway, 
That never [Am]came there, and no one [C]stayed,
I guess that [G]autumn, gets you re-[D]membering, 
And the [Am]smallest things, just make you [C]cry,
And autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here, 
Autumn’s [Am]here, and autumn’s [C]here, 
Autumn’s [G]here, it’s time to [D]cry, 
Autumn’s [Am]here, oh, oh, [C]oh ,
Autumn’s [G]here, autumn’s [D]here, 
It’s o-[Am]kay now, ‘cause autumn’s [C]here

|   [G]  [D]  [Am]  [C]  [G]


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