Ballad Of Springhill

Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger

{t:Ballad Of Springhill}
{st:Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger}

In the [Am]town of [G]Springhill, [Am]Nova [G]Scotia
[Am]Down in the dark of the [D]Cumberland [Am]Mine
There’s [Am]blood on the [D]coal and the [G]miners [E7]lie
In the [Am]roads that [G]never saw [Am]sun nor [G]sky
[Am]Roads that [G]never saw [Am]sun nor [Em]sky

In the [Am]town of [G]Springhill, you [Am]don’t sleep [G]easy
[Am]Often the earth will [D]tremble and [Am]roll
When the [Am]earth is [D]restless, [G]miners [E7]die
[Am]Bone and [G]blood is the [Am]price of [G]coal
[Am]Bone and [G]blood is the [Am]price of [Em]coal

In the [Am]town of [G]Springhill, [Am]Nova [G]Scotia
[Am]Late in the year of [D]fifty-[Am]eight
[Am]Day still [D]comes and the [G]sun still [E7]shines
But it’s [Am]dark as the [G]grave in the [Am]Cumberland [G]Mine
[Am]Dark as the [G]grave in the [Am]Cumberland [Em]Mine

[Am]Down at the [G]coal face, [Am]miners [G]working
[Am]Rattle of the belt, and the [D]cutter’s [Am]blade
[Am]Rumble of [D]rock and the [G]walls close [E7]round
The [Am]living and the [G]dead men [Am]two miles [G]down
[Am]Living and the [G]dead men [Am]two miles [Em]down

[Am]Twelve men [G]lay two [Am]miles from the [G]pitshaft
[Am]Twelve men lay in the [D]dark and [Am]sang
[Am]Long hot [D]days in a [G]miner’s [E7]tomb
It was [Am]three feet [G]high and a [Am]hundred [G]long
[Am]Three feet [G]high and a [Am]hundred [Em]long

[Am]Three days [G]passed and the [Am]lamps gave [G]out
And [Am]Caleb Rushton, he [D]up and [Am]said;
“There’s [Am]no more [D]water nor [G]light nor [E7]bread
So we’ll [Am]live on [G]songs and [Am]hope in-[G]stead,
We’ll [Am]live on [G]songs and [Am]hope in-[Em]stead.”

[Am]Listen for the [G]shouts of the [Am]bareface [G]miners
[Am]Listen through the rubble for a [D]rescue [Am]team
Six-[Am]hundred [D]feet of [G]coal and [E7]slag
[Am]Hope im-[G]prisoned in a [Am]three-foot [G]seam
[Am]Hope im-[G]prisoned in a [Am]three-foot [Em]seam

[Am]Eight days [G]passed and [Am]some were [G]rescued
[Am]Leaving the dead to [D]lie a-[Am]lone
Through [Am]all their [D]lives they [G]dug a [E7]grave
Two [Am]miles of [G]earth for a [Am]marking [G]stone
Two [Am]miles of [G]earth for a [Am]marking [Em]↓ stone 

{t:Ballad Of Springhill}

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