Big Bang Theory Theme

Barenaked Ladies

{t:Big Bang Theory Theme}
{st:Barenaked Ladies}

Our [C]whole uni-[D]verse was in a 
[G]hot [Gmaj7]dense [Em]state, 
then nearly [C]fourteen billion [D]years ago
ex-[G]pansion [Gmaj7]started. [Em]Wait!

The [C]Earth began to [D]cool,
the auto-[G]trophs be-[Gmaj7]gan to [Em]drool,
neander-[C]thals developed [D]tools,
We built a [G]wall (we [Gmaj7]built the [Em]pyr-a-mids),
[C]Math, science, [D]hi-sto-ry,
un-[G]rave-[Gmaj7]ling the [Em]my-ster-ies,
That [C]all started [D]with the big [G]bang! [G]Bang!

{c:extra Verses:}

"Since the [C]dawn of [D]man" is really
[G]not [Gmaj7]that [Em]long,
As every galaxy was [D]formed in less
[G]time than it [Gmaj7]takes to [Em]sing this song.
a [C]fraction of a [D]second
and the [G]elements [Gmaj7]were [Em]made.
The [C]bipeds stood up [D]straight,
The [G]dinosaurs all [Gmaj7]met their [Em]fate,
They tried to [C]leap but they were [D]late
And they all [G]died - they [Gmaj7]froze their [Em]asses off -
The [C]oceans and [D]pangea
See ya, [G]wouldn't wanna [Gmaj7]be [Em]ya
Set in [C]motion by the [D]same big [G]bang!
It all [C]started with the [D]big [A]BANG!

{c:Optional Bridge:}
[D]It's ex[G]panding ever out[Em]ward but one [A]day
[D]It will [G]cause the stars to [Em]go the other [A]way,
[A]Collapsing [D]ever inward,
we won't be [Em]here, it wont be [A]hurt
[A]Our best and [D]brightest figure
[Em]that it'll make an [A]even bigger [C]bang!
|      [C]   [D]   [G]   [Gmaj7]   [Em]
|      [C]   [D]   [G]   [D]   [C]    [G]

[C]Australo[D]pithecus would
[G]really have [Gmaj7]been sick of [Em]us
[C]Debating out while [D]here
they're catching [G]deer -
we're [Gmaj7]catching [Em]viruses -
[C]Religion or [D]astronomy, [G]Encarta, [Gmaj7]Deutero[Em]nomy
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big bang!
[C]Music and [D]mythology, [G]Einstein [Gmaj7]and ast[Em]rology
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big bang!
It [C]all started [D]with the [G]big Bang!  [G]BANG!

{t:Big Bang Theory Theme}

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