Canoeing My Troubles Away

Shelley Posen

{t:Canoeing My Troubles Away}
{st:Shelley Posen}

{c:|ntro: [G] / [G7] / [C] / [C]}

When [C]life in the city is [G]wearing me down,
It’s [G7]hot and it’s smelly, the [C]air’s turnin’ brown,
I’m [C7]tired of the traffic, [F]tired of the town,
While the [C]sun shines, I [Am]wanna make [G]hay [G]

Get [C]out to the country, find a [G]lake or a stream,
Where the [G7]blue waters glisten, the [C]granite rocks gleam,
[C7]Out of a nightmare, [F]into a dream
Ca-[G]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C]

Ca-[F]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C]
On a [F]lake or a [F#dim7]river, I could [C]paddle all [G]day,
I’d get [C]endless en-[C7]joyment from [F]fulltime em-[C]ployment
Ca-[G]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C] / [G7] / [G7] / [C] / [C]

On a [C]warm summer’s night paddling [G]under the moon,
The [G7]shush of my paddle, the [C]cry of the loon,
[C7]Moonlight and starlight up-[F]on the lagoon,
My ca-[Am]noe’s a cathedral to [F]pray [G]

And while [C]steering through rapids midst the [G]boil and the hiss,
It’s [G7]“Look out! Bow rudder!” a-[C]nother near miss,
I think [C7]“Lord, it just doesn’t get [F]better than [F#dim7]this!”
Ca-[G]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C]

Ca-[F]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C]
Give me [F]flat or white [F#dim7]water, I can [C]paddle all [G]day,
I’d trade a [C]month down in [C7]Boca for an [F]hour in Mus-[C]koka
Ca-[G]noeing my [G7]troubles a-[C]way [C] / [G] / [G] / [C] / [A]

Where Lake [D]Kashagawigamog [A]beckons to me,
Lake [A7]Rosseau, Lake Joseph, Wasse-[D]sosa and Tea,
The [D7]French and Grand Rivers like-[G]wise the Souris
They’re all [Bm]blooms in the paddler’s bou-[G]quet [A]

I [D]feel my heart lighten as I [A]head up the lake,
My [A7]worries get smaller with [D]each stroke I take
Disap-[D7]pear in the eddies that [G]swirl in my wake
Ca-[A]noeing my [A7]troubles a-[D]way [D]

Ca-[G]noeing my [A7]troubles a-[D]way [D]
In [G]shallows or [Em]white caps I can [D]paddle all [A]day
You can [D]bet your sweet [D7]fanny, when I’m [G]on the Na-[D]hanni
I’m ca-[A]noeing my [A7]troubles, they’re [D]bursting like [B7]bubbles,
Ca-[Em]noeing my [A7]troubles a-[D]way [D]↓

{t:Canoeing My Troubles Away}

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