Changing of the Guards

Bob Dylan

{t:Changing of the Guards}
{st:Bob Dylan}


Sixteen [Em]years (Sixteen years)
Sixte___en [G]banners u-[D]nited, over the [Em]fields (over the fields)
Where the [C]good shepherd [D]grieves
Desperate [Em]men (Desperate men), desper-[G]ate women di-[D]vided
Spreading their [Em]wings (spreading their wings),
'Neath [C]fal___[D]ling [G]leaves.

[G]Fortune [Em]calls (fortune calls)
I stepped [G]forth from the [D]shadows, 
To the market-[Em]place (to the market place)
Merchants and [C]thieves, hungry for [D]power, 
My last deal gone [Em]down (last deal gone down)
She's smelling, [G]sweet like the [D]meadows,
Where she was [Em]born (where she was born)
On midsummer's [C]eve [D]near the [G]tower.

           [G]   [D]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]

[G]The cold-blooded [Em]moon (cold-blooded moon)
The captain [G]waits above the cele-[D]bration
Sending his [Em]thoughts (sending his thoughts) to a [C]be__loved [D]maid 
Whose ebony [Em]face (ebony face) is be___[G]yond communi-[D]cation
The captain is [Em]down but still believing that his [C]love will [D]be re-[G]paid.

[G]They shaved her [Em]head (shaved her head)
She was torn between [G]Jupiter and A-[D]pollo
A messenger [Em]arrived (messenger arrived) with a [C]black nightin-[D]gale
I seen her on the [Em]stairs (seen her on the stairs),
and I___ [G]couldn't help but [D]follow
Follow her [Em]down, past the fountain where they [C]lif___[D]ted her [G]veil.

           [G]   [D]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]

[G]I stumbled to my [Em]feet (stumbled to my feet)
I rode past [G]destruction in the [D]ditches
With the [Em]stitches still mending beneath a [C]heart-shaped ta-[D]too
Renegade [Em]priests (renegade priests) a__n__d [G]treacherous young wi-[D]tches
Were [Em]handing out the flowers that I'd [C]gi-[D]ven to [G]you.

[G]The palace of [Em]mirrors (palace of mirrors)
Where do___g [G]soldiers are re-[D]flected
The endless [Em]road (endless road) and the [C]wailing of [D]chimes
The empty [Em]rooms (empty rooms) where her___ [G]memory is pro-[D]tected
Where the [Em]angel's voices whisper to the [C]souls of [D]previous [G]times.

           [G]   [D]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]

[G]She wakes him [Em]up (wakes him up)
Forty-eight hours [G]later the sun is [D]breaking
Near broken [Em]chains (broken chains), 
Mountain [C]laurel and rolling [D]rocks
She's begging to [Em]know (begging to know),
What mea-[G]sures he now will be [D]taking
He's pulling her [Em]down, 
And she's clutching on to his [C]long [D]golden [G]locks.

[G]Gentlemen, he [Em]said (gentlemen he said)
I don't [G]need your organi-[D]zation, 
I've shined your [Em]shoes (shined your shoes)
I've moved your [C]mountains and marked your [D]cards
But Eden is [Em]burning (Eden is burning),
Either [G]brace yourself for elimi-[D]nation
Or else your [Em]hearts must have the courage,
For the [C]changing [D]of the [G]guards.

           [G]   [D]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]

[G]Peace will [Em]come (peace will come)
Wi__th tran-[G]quility and [D]splendour,
On the wheels of [Em]fire (wheels of fire), 
But will [C]offer us no re-[D]ward, when her false idols [Em]fall (false idols fall)
A__nd [G]cruel death sur-[D]renders, with it's [Em]pale ghost retreating
Between the [C]King and the [D]Queen of [G]Swords.

           [G]   [D]   [C]   [C]   [C]   [G]   [Em]    [G] 

{t:Changing of the Guards}

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