Cheers Theme Song

Gary Portnoy

{t:Cheers Theme Song}
{st:Gary Portnoy}

{c:Strum:  |:  d – d u – u d u  :|:}

[C]   [G]   [C]   [G]

[C]Making your way in the [G]world today
Takes [C]everything you've [G]got
[C]Taking a break from [G]all your worries
[C]Sure would help a [G]lot
[Bb]Wouldn't you [A]like to get a-[Dm]way [G]

[C]All those nights when you've [G]got no lights
The [C]cheque is in the [G]mail
[C]And your little [G]angel hung the [C]cat up by its [G]tail
[Bb]And your third fi-[A]ancée didn't [Dm]show [Dm]

[G]Sometimes you wanna [C]go...
[C]Where every-[Bb]body knows your [F]name [G]
[C]And they're [Bb]always glad you [F]came [G]
[Em]You wanna be where [F]you can see
Our [Em]troubles are all the [F]same
[Em]You wanna be where [F]everybody [G]knows your [C]name

[G]   [C]   [G]   [C]

{t:Cheers Theme Song}

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