Come Dancing

The Kinks (1982)

{t:Come Dancing}
{st:The Kinks (1982)}

[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   
[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   

{c:verse 1}
[G]They put a parking lot on a piece of land
[D]Where the super-[D7]market used to [G]stand
[G]Before that they put up a bowling alley
[D]On the side that used to [D7]be the local [G]pally
[C]That’s where the big bands [G]used to come and play
[D]My sister went there [G]on a Saturday

Come [C]dancing, all her boyfriends [G]used to come and call
[G]Why not come [D7]dancing, it’s [C]↓ only natural

[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   
[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   

{c:verse 2}
[G]Another Saturday, another date
[D]She would be ready but she’s [D7]always make him [G]wait
[G]In the hallway, in anticipation
[D]He didn’t know the night would [D7]end up in fru-[G]stration
[C]He’d end up blowing all his [G]wages for the week
[D]All for a cuddle and a [G]peck on the cheek

Come [C]dancing, that’s how they did it when [G]I was just a kid
[G]And when they said come [D7]dancing, my [C]↓ sister always did

[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   
[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   

My [Em]sister should have [D]come in at [C]midnight
And my [Em]mum would always [D]sit up and [C]wait
It [Em]always ended [D]up in a [C]big row
When my [Em]sister used to [D]get home [C]late

The [Em]day they [D]knocked down the [C]pally
My [Em]sister [D]stood and [C]cried
[Em]The day they [D]knocked down the [C]pally
[Em]Part of my [D]childhood [C]↓ died [C]↓ just died

[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   
[G]/   /   /   /   [D]/   /   /   /   

{c:verse 3}
[G]Now I’m grown up and playing in a band
[D]And there’s a carpark where the [D7]pally used to [G]stand
[G]My sister’s married and she lives on an estate
[D]Her daughters go out, now [D7]it’s her turn to [G]wait
[C]She knows they get away with [G]things she never could
[D]But if I offered, I [G]wonder if she would

Come [C]dancing, come on sister [G]have yourself a ball
[G]Don’t be afraid to come [D7]dancing, it’s [C]↓ only natural

Come [C]dancing, just like the pally [G]on a Saturday
[G]And all her friends would come [D]dancing
Where the [C]big bands used to [G]play

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