Death of Queen Jane

traditional, Oscar Isaac (2013)

{t:Death of Queen Jane}
{st:traditional, Oscar Isaac (2013)}

{c:intro: [G] [C] [G] [C]}

{c:verse 1}
[G]Queen Jane lay in labor full nine days or [D]more 
Til her [C]women grew so [G]tired, they could [C]no [D]longer [C]there 
They could [G]no [D]longer [G]there 

{c:verse 2}
"[G]Good women, good women, good women as you [D]be 
Will you [C]open my [G]right side and [C]find [D]my ba[C]by 
And f[G]ind [D]my bab[G]y" 

{c:verse 3}
"[G]Oh no," cried the women, "That's a thing that can never [D]be 
We will [C]call on King [G]Henry and [C]hear what [D]he may [C]say 
And [G]hear what [D]he may [G]say" 

{c:verse 4}
[G]King Henry was sent for, King Henry did [D]come 
Saying, "[C]What does ail you, [G]my lady? Your [C]eyes, they [D]look so [C]dim 
Your [G]eyes, they [D]look so [G]dim" 

{c:verse 5}
"[G]King Henry, King Henry, will you do one thing for [D]me? 
Will you [C]open my right [G]side and [C]find [D]my bab[C]y 
And [G]find [D]my bab[G]y" 

{c:verse 6}
"[G]Oh no," cried King Henry, "That's a thing that I can never [D]do 
If I l[C]ose the flower of [G]England, I shall [C]lose the [D]branch [C]too 
I shall [G]lose the [D]branch [G]too" 

{c:verse 7}
[G]There was fiddling and dancing on the day the babe was [D]born 
But poor [C]Queen Jane be-[G]loved, she [C]lay cold [D]as a [C]stone 
Lay [G]cold [D]as a [G]stone 

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