Paul Anka

{st:Paul Anka}

{c:Intro: ukes only}
|:	[G]   [Em]   [C]   [D7]
{c:ukes and kazoo}
|:	[G]   [Em]   [C]   [D7]
{c:ukes and kazoo}
|:	[G]   [Em]   [C]   [D7]

[G]I'm so young and [Em]you're so old
[C]This my darling [D7]I've been told
[G]I don't care just [Em]what they say
[C]‘Cause forever [D7]I will pray
[G]You and I will [Em]be as free
[C]As the birds up [D7]in the trees
[G]Oh [Em]please [C]stay by [D7]me Di-[G]ana [Em]   [C]   [D7]

[G]Thrills I get when you [Em]hold me close
[C]Oh my darling [D7]you're the most
[G]I love you but do [Em]you love me
[C]Oh Diana [D7]can't you see
[G]I love you with [Em]all my heart
[C]And I hope we will [D7]never part
[G]Oh [Em]please [C]stay with [D7]me Di-[G]ana [Em]   [C]   [D7]

[C]↓ Oh my dar-[C]↓ lin' [Cm]↓ oh my lo-[Cm]↓ ver
[G]↓ Tell me that [G]↓ there [G7]↓ is no o-[G7]↓ ther
[C]↓ I love you [C]↓ [Cm]↓ with my heart [Cm]↓
Oh-[D7]↓ oh, oh-[D7]↓ oh, oh-[D7]oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh 

[G]Only you canna [Em]take my heart
[C]Only you canna [D7]tear it apart
[G]When you hold me in your [Em]lo-oving arms
[C]I can feel you giving [D7]all yo-our charms
[G]Hold me darling ho-ho- [Em]hold me tight
[C]Squeeze me baby witha [D7]all your might
[G]Oh [Em]please [C]stay by [D7]me Di-[G]ana [Em]
[C]Oh [D7]please Di-[G]ana [Em]   [C]Oh [D7]please Di-[G]ana
|:	[Em]   [C]   [D7]   [G]↓


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