Dirty World

Traveling Wilburys

{t:Dirty World}
{st:Traveling Wilburys}

{c:Intro:   x 4}
        [D]  [C]  [G]  [D]

[D]He loves your [C]sexy bod[G]y,  [D]he loves your [C]dirty m[G]ind   [D]
[D]He loves when [C]you hold h[G]im. [D]Grab him [C]from beh[G]ind    [D]

[G]Oh bab[Gbm]y, you're [G]such a pretty th[Gbm]ing
I can't [G]wait to introd[Gbm]uce you to the other [A]members of my g[A]ang

[D]You don't need [C]no wax j[G]ob,[D]you're smooth [C]enough for [G]me    [D]
[D]If you need yo[C]ur oil chan[G]ged, [D]I'll do it f[C]or you free.[G]      [D]

[G]Oh ba[Gbm]by, the [G]pleasure'd be all m[Gbm]ine
If you [G]let me drive your [Gbm]pickup truck, and [A]park it where the sun don't sh[A]ine

{c: x 4}
[D]  [C]  [G]  [D] 

[D]Every time he t[C]ouches y[G]ou his h[D]air stands [C]up on end [G]      [D]
[D]As his legs b[C]egin to qu[G]iver and h[D]is mind be[C]gins to b[G]end.  [D]

[G]Oh oh ba[Gbm]by, you're [G]such a tasty tr[Gbm]eat
[G]But I'm under do[Gbm]ctors orders, I'm a[A]fraid to over e[A]at.

[D]He loves your s[C]ense of hum[G]or,   [D]   disposi[C]tion too [G]     [D]
[D]There's absol[C]utely nothi[G]ng that [D]he don't [C]love about y[G]ou    [D]

[G]Oh    b[Gbm]aby, I'm [G]on my hands and kn[Gbm]ees
My [G]life would be so si[Gbm]mple if I [A]only had you to ple[A]ase

[G]Oh        ba[Gbm]by, turn a[G]round and say goodb[Gbm]ye

You go on[G] to the airp[Gbm]ort now and [A]I'm going home and [A]cry.

{c: x 2}
[D]  [C]  [G]  [D] 

[D]He loves your [C]Electric d[G]umpli[D]ngs
[D]He loves your [C]Red bell p[G]eppe[D]rs
[D]He loves your [C]Fuel inj[G]ecti[D]on
[D]He loves your [C]Service c[G]harge [D]
[D]He loves your [C]Five-speed g[G]earb[D]ox
[D]He loves your [C]Long end[G]uran[D]ce
[D]He loves your [C]Quest for j[G]unk f[D]ood
[D]He loves your [C]Big refrig[G]erat[D]or
[D]He loves your [C]Trembling [G]Wilbu[D]ry
[D]He loves your [C]Marble e[G]arri[D]ngs
[D]He loves your [C]Purple c[G]urta[D]ins
[D]He loves your [C]Power s[G]teeri[D]ng
[D]He loves your [C]Bottled w[G]ate[D]r
[D]He loves your [C]Parts and s[G]ervi[D]ce

{c:The rest of the song is the same pattern}
[D]  [C]  [G]  [D] 

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