Down By The Sally Gardens


{t:Down By The Sally Gardens}

It was [G]down by the [D]Sally [C]Gar–[G]dens
My [C]love and [D]I did [G]meet [D]
She [G]passed the [D]Sally [C]Gar–[G]dens 
On [C]little [D]snow-white [G]feet [G]

She [Em]bid me [C]take love [D]ea–[G]sy
As the [C]leaves grow [D]on the [G]tree [D]
But [G]I being [D]young and [C]fool–[G]ish
With [C]her did [D]not a–[G]gree [D]

In a [G]field down [D]by the [C]ri–[G]ver
My [C]love and [D]I did [G]stand [D]
And [G]on my [D]leaning [C]shoul–[G]der
She [C]laid her [D]snow-white [G]hand [G]

She [Em]bid me [C]take life [D]ea–[G]sy
As the [C]grass grows [D]on the [G]weirs [D]
But [G]I was [D]young and [C]foo–[G]lish
And [C]now am [D]full of [G]↓tears

{t:Down By The Sally Gardens}

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