Fish ’N’ Chips ’N’ Vinegar

children's song

{t:Fish ’N’ Chips ’N’ Vinegar}
{st:children's song}

{c:all 3 verses are sung together}

{c:verse 1}
[F]Fish and chips and vinegar
[C7]Vinegar [F]vinegar
Fish and chips and vinegar,
[C7]Pepper, pepper, pepper [F]salt

{c:verse 2}
[F]One bottle of pop, two bottle of pop
[C7]Three bottle of pop [F]four bottle of pop
Five bottle of pop, six bottle of pop
[C7]Seven, seven bottle of [F]pop

{c:verse 3}
[F]Don't throw trash in my backyard
[C7]My backyard [F]my backyard
Don't throw trash in my backyard
[C7]My backyard’s [F]full

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