Frosty The Snowman


{t:Frosty The Snowman}

#Strum -     | d – D u d u D u |:

[G]Frosty the [G7]Snow Man was a [C]jolly happy [G]soul
With a [C]corn-cob pipe and a [G]button nose
And two [D7]eyes made out of [G]coal

[G]Frosty the [G7]Snow Man is a [C]fairy tale they [G]say
He was [C]made of snow but the [G]children [Em]know
How he [C]came to [D7]life one [G]day

There [C]must have been some [Bm]magic
In that [Am]old silk [D7]hat they [G]found
For [D7]when they put it [B7]on his head
He be[A7]gan to dance a[D7]round

Oh [G]Frosty the [G7]Snow Man as a[C]live as he could [G]be
And the [C]children say he could [G]laugh and [Em]play
Just the [C]same as [D7]you and [G]me

[G]Frosty the [G7]Snow Man knew the [C]sun was hot that [G]day
So he [C]said let's run and we'll [G]have some [Em]fun
Be[C]fore I [D7]melt a[G]way

[G]Down to the [G7]village with a [C]broomstick in his [G]hand
Running [C]here and there all a[G]round the [Em]square
Saying [C]catch me [D7]if you [G]can

He [C]led them down the [Bm]streets of town
Right [Am]to the [D7]traffic [G]cop
And he [D7]only paused a [B7]moment
When he [A7]heard him holler [D7]stop

[G]Frosty the [G7]Snow Man had to [C]hurry on his [G]way
But he [C]waved goodbye saying [G]don't you [Em]cry
I'll be [C]back a[D7]gain some [G]day

[G]Thumpety thump thump thumpety thump look at Frosty [D7]go
[D7]Thumpety thump thump thumpety thump
Over the hills of [G]snow

{t:Frosty The Snowman}

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