Holly Jolly Christmas

Misc. Christmas

{t:Holly Jolly Christmas}
{st:Misc. Christmas}

Have a [C]holly, jolly Christmas,
it's the best time [C#dim]of the    [G7]year,
[G7]I don't know if there'll be snow,
but have a cup of [C]cheer.[G7]

Have a [C]holly, jolly Christmas,
and when you walk [C#dim]down the [G7]street,
[G7]Say hello to friends you know
and everyone you [C]meet.

[F]Hey, ho, the [Em]mistletoe,
[G7]hung where you can [C]see,
[Dm]Somebody's [Am]waiting there,
[D7]kiss her once for [G7]me.

Have a [C]holly, jolly Christmas
and in case you [C#dim]didn't [G7]hear,
Oh, by golly, have a [C]holly,
jolly [D7]Christmas [G7]this [C]year.

{t:Holly Jolly Christmas}

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