House of the Rising Sun

Traditional, The Animals, 1964

{t:House of the Rising Sun}
{st:Traditional, The Animals, 1964}

#*  3/4 | D - d u d - |
#  6/8 | pa, m, i, pa, m, i | fingerstyle
#  some verses in each style

There [Dm]is a [F]house in [G]New Or[Bb]leans
They [Dm]call the [F]Rising [A]Sun [A7]
It's [Dm]been the [F]ruin of [G]many a poor [Bb]boy
And [Dm]God I [A]know I'm [Dm]one [A7]

My [Dm]mother [F]was a [G]tailor [Bb]
She [Dm]sewed my [F]new blue [A]jeans [A7]
My [Dm]father [F]was a [G]gamblin' [Bb]man [Dm]
Down in [A]New Or[Dm]leans [A7]

Now the [Dm]only [F]thing a [G]gambler [Bb]needs
Is a [Dm]suitcase [F]and [A]trunk [A7]
And the [Dm]only [F]time he's [G]satis[Bb]fied
Is [Dm]when he's [A]on a [Dm]drunk [A7]

He [Dm]fills his [F]glasses [G]up to the [Bb]brim
And [Dm]push those [F]cards [A]around [A7]
The [Dm]only [F]pleasure he [G]gets out of [Bb]life
Is [Dm]rambling from [A]town to [Dm]town [A7]

Now [Dm]tell my [F]baby [G]sister [Bb]
Not to [Dm]do what [F]I have [A]done [A7]
But [Dm]shun that [F]house in [G]New Or[Bb]leans
They [Dm]call the [A]Rising [Dm]Sun[A7]

Oh [Dm]mother [F]tell your [G]children [Bb]
Not to [Dm]do what [F]I have [A]done [A7]
[Dm]Spend your [F]lives in [G]sin and mis[Bb]ery
In the [Dm]House of the [A]Rising [Dm]Sun[A7]

Well, I got [Dm]one foot [F]on the [G]platform [Bb]
The to [Dm]other foot [F]on the [A]train [A7]
I'm [Dm]goin' [F]back to [G]New Or[Bb]leans
To [Dm]wear that [A]ball and [Dm]chain [A7]

Well, there [Dm]is a [F]house in [G]New Or[Bb]leans
They [Dm]call the [F]Rising [A]Sun [A7]
And it's [Dm]been the [F]ruin of [G]many a poor [Bb]boy
And [Dm]God I [A]know I'm [Dm]one

{t:House of the Rising Sun}

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