I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Tom Waits

{t: I Don't Wanna Grow Up}
{st:Tom Waits}

[C]When I'm lyin' in my bed at night [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[C]Nothin' ever seems to turn out right [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[Am]How do you [Em]move in a world of fog
[F]That's always changing [G]things
[Am]Makes me wish that [Em]I could be a d[F]-[G]og

[C]When I see the price that you pay [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[C]I don't ever wanna be that way [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up

[Am]Seems like folks turn [Em]into things That they'd [F]never [G]want
[Am]The only thing to [Em]live for is tod[F]-[G]ay
I'm gonna [C]put a hole in my TV set [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[C]Open up the medicine chest [G]And I don't wanna grow [C]up

[Am]I don't wanna have to [Em]shout it out
[Am]I don't want my [Em]hair to fall out
[Am]I don't wanna be [Em]filled with doubt
[Am]I don't wanna be a [Em]good boy scout
[Am]I don't wanna have to [Em]learn to count
[Am]I don't wanna have the [Em]biggest amount
[Am]I don't [G]wanna grow [C]up

[C]Well when I see my parents fight [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[C]They all go out and drinking all night [G]And I don't wanna grow [C]up
[Am]I'd rather stay here [Em]in my room
[Am]Nothin' out there but [Em]sad and gloom
[Am]I don't wanna live in a [Em]big old tomb
On Gr[F]and Str[G]eet

[C]When I see the 5 o'clock news[G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[C]Comb their hair and shine their shoes [G]I don't wanna grow [C]up
[Am]Stay around in my [Em]old hometown
[Am]I don't wanna put no [Em]money down
[Am]I don't wanna get me a [Em]big old loan
[Am]Work them fingers [Em]to the bone
[Am]I don't wanna [Em]float a broom
[Am]Fall in love and get [Em]married then boom
[Am]How the hell did it [Em]get here so soon
[F]I don't [G]wanna grow [C]up

{t: I Don't Wanna Grow Up}

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