I Walk the Line

Johnny Cash (1957)

{t:I Walk the Line}
{artist:Johnny Cash (1957)}
{c: verse 1}
I keep a [G7]close watch on this heart of [C]mine.
I keep my [G7]eyes wide open all the [C]time.
I keep the [F]ends out for the tie that [C]binds.
Because you’re [G7]mine I walk the [C]line.

{c: verse 2}
I find it [G7]very very easy to be [C]true.
I find my-[G7]self alone when day is [C]through.
Yes, I’ll ad-[F]mit that I’m a fool for [C]you.
Because you’re [G7]mine I walk the [C]line.

{c: verse 3}
As sure as [G7]night is dark and day is [C]light.
I keep you [G7]on my mind both day and [C]night.
And happi-[F]ness I’ve known proves that it’s [C]right.
Because you’re [G7]mine I walk the [C]line.

{c: verse 4}
You’ve got a [G7]way to keep me on your [C]side.
You give me [G7]cause for love that I can’t [C]hide.
For you I [F]know I’d even try to turn the [C]tide.
Because you’re [G7]mine I walk the [C]line.

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