I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hank Williams (1949)

{t:I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry}
{st:Hank Williams (1949)}

[D]1  2  3  [A7]1  2  3  [D]1  2  3  [D]1  2  3}

{c:verse 1}
[D]Hear that [F#m]lonesome [Bm7]whippoor-[F#m]will 
he [D]sounds too [F#m]blue to [Am7]fly [D7]
The [G]midnight train is [D]whining [Bm]low 
I'm so [D]lonesome [A7]I could [D]cry [A7]

{c:verse 2}
I've [D]never [F#m]seen a [Bm7]night so [F#m]long 
when [D]time goes [F#m]crawling [Am7]by [D7]
The [G]moon just went be-[D]hind a [Bm]cloud 
to [D]hide its [A7]face and [D]cry [A7]

{c:verse 3}
Did you [D]ever [F#m]see a [Bm7]robin [F#m]weep 
when [D]leaves be-[F#m]gan to [Am7]die [D7]
That [G]means he's lost the [D]will to [Bm]live 
I'm so [D]lonesome [A7]I could [D]cry [C7]

{c:verse 4 - key change}
The [F]silence [Am]of a [Dm]falling [Am]star 
lights [F]up a [Am]purple [Cm7]sky [F7]
And [Bb]as I wonder [F]where you [Dm]are, 
I'm so [F]lonesome [C7]I could [F]cry [F7]
And [Bb]as I wonder [F]where you [Dm]are, 
I'm so [F]lonesome [C7]I could [F]cry.

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