(I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My) Sister Kate

Clarence Williams, Armand Piron (1919)

{t:(I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My) Sister Kate}
{st: Clarence Williams, Armand Piron (1919)}

[C6]/ / [C#dim]/ / [G6]/ / [E7]/ / [Aadd9]/ / [D7]/ / [G]/ / [D7]/

{c:verse 1}
[D7]If I could shake it like my sister Kate
[G]Shake it like a bowl of jelly on a plate
[D7]My momma wanted to know last night
[G]↓ Why do all the boys think Kate's so nice?
Well [D7]Mama, it's understood that
[G]Kate's the best shaker in the neighbourhood
It [C6]may be [C#dim]late but I'd be [G6]up to [E7]date
If I could [Aadd9]shimmy like my [D7]sister [G]Kate

{c:verse 2}
[D7]If I could shimmy like my sister Kate
[G]I'd never stay home, stay out too late
[D7]I'd get myself about as high as a kite
[G]↓ You know I'd do it for you every night
Now all the [D7]boys in the neighbourhood
Think [G]Kate can shimmy mighty good
Now, I [C6]may be [C#dim]late but I'll be[G6] up to [E7]date
When I can [Aadd9]shimmy like my [D7]sister [G]Kate
Oh [E7]yeah, [Aadd9]shake it like my [D7]sister [G]Kate

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