If You're Going To San Fransisco

Mamas and The Papas

{t:If You're Going To San Fransisco}
{st:Mamas and The Papas}

[Em]If you're [C]going to[G] San Franc[D]isco,

[Em]Be sure to [C]wear some[G] flowers in your [D]hair,

[Em]If you're [G]going to [C]San Franc[G]isco,

[Em]You're gonna m[Bm]eet so[C]me gentle people the[D]re.

[Em]For those [C]who come[G] to San Fr[D]ancisco,

[Em]Summertime [C]will be a[G] love-in th[D]ere,

[Em]In the str[G]eets of S[C]an Franci[G]sco,

[Em]Gentle peo[Bm]ple with[C] flowers in there ha[D]ir.

[F]All across the nations,

[F]Such a strange vibration, [E]

[E]People in motion,

[F]There's a whole generation,

[F]With a new explanation, [E]

[E]People in motion,

(End: Repeat chorus)

[Em]For those [C]who come to San Francisco
[Em]Be sure to [C]wear some flowers in your hair
[Em]If you come to S[C]an Francisco
[Em]Summertime will be a [C]love-in th[G]ere

[Em]If you come to San Francisco
[Em]Summertime will be a love-in there

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