John Hardy

~was a desperate little man~

{t:John Hardy}
{st:~was a desperate little man~}
{st:Carter Family}

*{c:Intro:  Verse - kazoos, harmonicas ...}

John [C]Hardy was a [G]desperate little man
He [C]carried two guns every [G]day
He [C]shot a man on the [G]West Virginia line
And you [G]ought to see John [D]Hardy getting a-[G]way 
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

John [C]Hardy got to the [G]East Stone Bridge
He [C]thought that he would be [G]free
And [C]up stepped a man and [G]took him by his arm
Saying [G]Johnny walk a-[D]long with [G]me
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

He [C]sent for his poppy and his [G]mommy too
To [C]come and go his [G]bail
But [C]money won’t throw away a [G]murdering case
And they [G]locked John [D]Hardy back in [G]jail
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

John [C]Hardy had a [G]pretty little girl
The [C]dress that she wore was [G]blue
As [C]she came skipping thru the [G]old jail hall
Saying [G]Poppy I've been [D]true to [G]you
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

John [C]Hardy had a-[G]nother little girl
The [C]dress that she wore was [G]red
She [C]followed John Hardy to his [G]hanging ground
Saying [G]Poppy I would [D]rather be [G]dead
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

I've [C]been to the East and I've [G]been to the West
I've [C]been this wide world a-[G]round
I've [C]been to the river and I've [G]been baptized
And [G]now I'm on my [D]hanging [G]ground
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

John [C]Hardy walked out on his [G]scaffold high
With his [C]loving little wife by his [G]side
And the [C]last word she heard her [G]John-o say
I'll [G]meet you in that [D]sweet bye and [G]bye
|:   [G]   [D]   [G]   [G]

*{c:Verse - kazoos, harmonicas ...}

{t:John Hardy (was a desperate little man)}

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