Lady Godiva

Peter and Gordon

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{t:Lady Godiva}
{st:Peter and Gordon}
                     [D]   [G]   [D]   [A]
Intro: A|55 33 22 11 00 -- -- -- 
       E|-- -- -- -- -- 33 22 00

[D] Seven[G]teen a [D] beauty [G] queen She [D] made a [G] ride
That [D] caused a [G] scene in the [Em] town [A] Her long blonde [D7] hair
[B7] Hangin' down around her [E7] knees
[A7] All the cats who dig strip [D] tease
[B7] Prayin' for a little [Em] breeze [A]
Her long blonde [D7] hair [B7] falling down across her [E7] arms [A7]
Hiding all the lady's [D] charms [B7]        [Em] Lady Go[A7]diva

[D] She found [G] fame and [D] made her [G] name
A [D] Holly[G]wood di[D]rector [G] came into [Em] town
[A] And said to [D7] her [B7] how'd you like to be a [E7] star [A7]
You're a girl that could go [D] far
[B7] Specially dressed the way you [Em] are [A]
She smiled at [D7] him [B7] gave her pretty head a [E7] shake [A7]
That was Lady G's mi[D]stake a hey hey [B7] hey
[Em] Lady Go[A7]diva

[D] He di[G]rects cer[D]tificate [G] X and [D] people [G] now
Are [D] craning their [G] necks to see [Em] her
[A] Cause she's a [D7] star [B7] one that everybody [E7] knows [A7]
Finished with the striptease [D] shows
[B7] Now she can afford her [Em] clothes [A]
Her long blonde [D7] hair [B7] lyin' on the barber's [E7] floor [A7]
Doesn't need it long any [D] more [B7]
[Em] Lady Go[A7]di---[D]va   [G]     [D]      [G]      [D]      [G]      [D]      [A]      [D]

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