Man of Constant Sorrow

Soggy Bottom Boys

{t:Man of Constant Sorrow}
{st:Soggy Bottom Boys}

|	[F]   [F7]   [Bb]   [C7]   [F]

[F]I am the man [F7]of constant [Bb]sorrow
I've seen [C7]trouble on my [F]days
[F]I bid farewell [F7]to old [Bb]Kentucky
The place where [C7]I was born and [F]raised
The place where [C7]he was born and [F]raised

|	[F]   [F7]   [Bb]   [C7]   [F]

[F]For six long years [F7]I've been in [Bb]trouble
No pleasure [C7]here on earth I [F]find
[F]For in this world [F7]I'm bound to [Bb]ramble
I have no [C7]friends to help me [F]now
He has no [C7]friends to help him [F]now

|	[F]   [F7]   [Bb]   [C7]   [F]

[F]For I'm bound to ride [F7]that northern [Bb]railroad
Perhaps I'll [C7]die upon this [F]train
Perhaps he’ll [C7]die upon this [F]train

|	[F]   [F7]   [Bb]   [C7]   [F]

[F]Maybe your friends think [F7]I'm just a [Bb]stranger
My face you'll [C7]never see no [F]more
[F]But there is one promise [F7]that is [Bb]given
I'll meet you [C7]on God's golden [F]shore
He’ll meet you [C7]on God's golden [F]shore

{t:Man of Constant Sorrow}

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