Kate Micucci

{t:MR. MOON}
{st:Kate Micucci}

[C] One day [Dm]
The [F] moon got [G] tired of [C] being [Dm]
[F] Up in the [C] sky
He [C] wandered [Dm]
[F] Down through the [G] starlight
And [C] landed [Dm] on the [F] ocean[C]side

And he [Dm] smiled while
He [G] jumped in the [C] water
And [Dm] laughed about
As he [G] danced in the [C] sand
He [Dm] put on
His [G] swim trunks and [C] snorkel
And [Dm] guess what
[G] Mr. Moon [C] swam [C]  [Dm]  [F]  [G]

Did I [C] tell you [Dm]
That [F] moonbeams are [G] heavy
And [C] therefore [Dm]
[F] Mr. Moon [C] sank
He [C] fell down [Dm]
Through the [F] seawalls of [G] seaweed
And [C] landed [Dm]
At the [F] bottom of a [C] tank

And he [Dm] sat there
With the [G] starfish and [C] jellyfish
And [Dm] laughed about
The [G] sharks and the [C] whales
They [Dm] drank lots
Of [G] Miller Lights and [C] Heinekens
And [Dm] laughed about
[G] All of their [C] tales

[C] Oh, [Dm] Mr. [F] Moon [G]
[C] The stars are [Dm] shining [F] for you [G] in the [C] night sky [Dm]    [F]
[G] Please come [C] home [Dm]    [F]  [G]
[C] Oh, [Dm] Mr. [F] Moon [G]
[C] The sun is [Dm] shining [F] for you [G] until [C] it [Dm] goes a[F]way
And [G] then it's [C] dark [Dm]    [F]
And [G] then it's [C] dark [Dm]    [F]
And [G] then it's [C] dark

{t:MR. MOON}

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