O Canada

Calixa Lavallée

{t:O Canada}
{st:Calixa Lavallée}

[G]O [D]Cana-[Em]da! 
Our [G]home and native [D]land!
[G]True [A7]patriot [D]love 
In [D]all thy [A7]sons com-[D]mand

Car ton [D]bras sait porter l'é-[G]pée,
Il [C]sait porter [A7]la [D]croix!
Ton his-[D]toire est une épo-[G]pée
Des [D]plus bril-[A7]lants ex-[D]ploits [D7]

[G]God [D]keep our [Em]land 
[Am]Glorious and [D]free!
[G]O [Gaug]Cana-[C]da, 
We [Am]stand on [G]guard [D]for [G]thee,
[G]O [Gaug]Cana-[C]da, 
We [Am]stand on [G]guard [D7]for [G]thee 

{t:O Canada}

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