Perhaps Love

John Denver

{t:Perhaps Love}
{st:John Denver}

{c:|ntro:    [C]   [Csus4]   [C]   [Csus4]}

Perhaps [C]love is like a [Am]resting place
A [Dm]shelter from the [G]storm
It ex-[C]ists to give you [Am]comfort
It is [Dm]there to keep you [G]warm
And [C]in those times of [Am]trouble
When [Dm]you are most a-[G]lone
The [Dm]memory of [G]love will bring you [C]home [G]↓

Perhaps [C]love is like a [Am]window
Per-[Dm]haps an open [G]door
It in-[C]vites you to come [Am]closer
It [Dm]wants to show you [G]more
And [C]even if you [Am]lose yourself
And [Dm]don’t know what to [G]do
The [Dm]memory of [G]love will see you [C]through [Csus4]   [C]

Oh [Em]love to some is [Am]like a cloud
To [F]some as [G]strong as [C]steel
For [Em]some a way of [Am]living
For [F]some a [G]way to [C]feel
And [Em]some say love is [Am]holding on
And [Dm]some say [G]letting [C]go
And [Em]some say love is [Am]everything
And [Dm]some say they don’t [G]know [Gsus4]   [G]↓

Perhaps [C]love is like the [Am]ocean
Full of [Dm]conflict, full of [G]change
Like a [C]fire when it’s [Am]cold outside
Or [Dm]thunder when it [G]rains
If [C]I should live for-[Am]ever
And [F]all my dreams come [G]true
My [F]memories of [G]love will be of [Am]you [Am7]
My [F]memories of [G]love will be of [C]you [Csus4]   [C]↓

{t:Perhaps Love}

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