Bob Dylan

      [G] [Am] [C] [G]

[G] You got a [Am] lotta nerve to [C] say you are my [G] friend 
When [G] I was [D] down [C] you just [Em] stood there [D] grinning [Dsus4] [D]

[G] You got a [Am] lotta nerve to [C] say you got a helping hand to [G] lend 
[G] You just [D] want to [C] be on the [Em] side that's [D] winning [Dsus4] [D]

[G] You say I [Am] let you down you [C] know it's not like [G] that 
If [G] you're so [D] hurt [C] why then [Em] don't you [D] show it [Dsus4] [D]

[G] You say you [Am] lost your faith but [C] that's not where it's [G] at 
You [G] had no [D] faith to [C] lose [Em] and you [D] know it [Dsus4] [D]

[G] I know the [Am] reason that you [C] talk behind my [G] back 
I [G] used to [D] be a-[C]mong the [Em] crowd you're [D] in with [Dsus4] [D]

[G] Do you take me for [Am] such a fool to [C] think I'd make con-[G]tact 
With the [G]one who tries to [D] hide what he [Em] don't know to [D] begin with [Dsus4] [D]

[G] You see me [Am] on the street you [C] always act [G] surprised 
You [G] say "How are [D] you? Good [C] luck" but [Em] you don't [D] mean it [Dsus4] [D]

[G] When you know as [Am] well as me you'd [C] rather see me [G] paralyzed 
[G] Why don't [D] you just [C] come out [Em] once and [D] scream it [Dsus4] [D]

[G] No, I do not feel that [Am] good when I [C] see the heartbreaks you em-[G]brace 
If [G] I was a [D] master [C] thief per-[Em]haps I'd [D] rob them [Dsus4] [D]

[G] And now I know you're dis-[Am]satisfied with your [C] position and your [G] place 
[G] Don't you [D] under-[C]stand it's [Em] not my [D] problem [Dsus4] [D]

[G] I wish that for [Am] just one time you could [C] stand inside my [G] shoes 
And [G] just for [D] that one [C] moment [Em] I could [D] be you [Dsus4] [D]

[G] Yes, I wish that for [Am] just one time you could [C] stand inside my [G] shoes 
[G] You'd know [D] what a [C] drag it [Em] is to [D] see you [Dsus4] [D]

[G] [Am] [C] [G]


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