The Beatles

{st:The Beatles}

If the [G]rain comes, they [C]run and [D]hide their [G]heads
They [C]might as [D]well be [G]dead
If the [C]rain comes…, if the [G]rain…[G]comes

When the [G]sun shines, they [C]slip in-[D]to the [G]shade
And [C]sip their [D]lemon-[G]ade
When the [C]sun shines…, when the [G]sun…[G]shines 

[G]Rai-ai-[C]ai-ain, I don’t [G]mind [G]
[G]Shi-i-[C]i-ine, the weather’s [G]fine [G]

I can [G]show you, that [C]when it [D]starts to [G]rain
That [C]every-[D]thing’s the [G]same
I can [C]show you…, I can [G]show…[G]you 

[G]Rai-ai-[C]ai-ain, I don’t [G]mind [G]
[G]Shi-i-[C]i-ine, the weather’s [G]fine [G]

Can you [G]hear me, that [C]when it [D]rains and [G]shines
Is it [C]just a [D]state of [G]mind?
Can you [C]hear me…, can you [G]hear…[G]me? [G]↓


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