Rainbow Connection

Kermit the Frog

{t:Rainbow Connection}
{artist:Kermit the Frog}
{define: D7 frets 2 0 2 0 fingers 1 0 2 0}
{c:verse 1}
[G]Why are there [Em]so many [C]songs about [D]rainbows,
And [G]what's on the [Em]other [C]side?
[G]Rainbows are [Em]visions, but [C]only il-[D]lusions.
And [G]rainbows have [Em]nothing to [C]hide.
[C]So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
[D7]I know they’re wrong. Wait and [D]see.
[C]Some day we'll [D]find it, the [G]rainbow con-[Em]nection,
The [C]lovers, the [D]dreamers, and [G]me.
{c:verse 2}
[G]Who said that [Em]every wish would [C]be heard and [D]answered
when [G]wished on the [Em]morning [C]star?
[G]Somebody [Em]thought of that and [C]someone be-[D]lieved it.
[G]Look what it's [Em]done so [C]far.
[C]What's so amazing and keeps us stargazing?
And [D7]what do we think we might [D]see?
[C]Some day we'll [D]find it, the [G]rainbow con-[Em]nection,
The [C]lovers, the [D]dreamers, and [G]me.
[G]All of us [D]under its [C]spell,
We [C]know that it's [Am]probably [D]ma-[D#maj7]gic.
{c:verse 3, key change}
[A]Have you been [F#m]half asleep and [D]have you heard [E]voices?
[A]I've heard them [F#m]calling my [D]name.
[A]Is this the [F#m]sweet sound that [D]called the young [E]sailors?
[A]The voice might be [F#m]one and the [D]same.
[D]I've heard it too many times to ignore it.
It's [E7]something that I'm supposed to [E]be.
[D]Some day we'll [E]find it, the [A]rainbow con-[F#m]nection,
The [D]lovers, the [E]dreamers, and [A]me.

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