Roses Are Red

Bobby Vinton

{t:Roses Are Red}
{st:Bobby Vinton}

A long, long time ago,
On gradu..[C]ation day,
You handed [F]me your book,
[G7]I signed this [C]way...

[C7]Roses are [F]red, my love,
Violets are [C]blue.
Sugar is [F]sweet, my love,
But [G7]not as sweet as [C]you.

[C]We dated [G7]through high school,
And when the [C]big day came.
I wrote [F]into your book,
[G7]Next to my [C]name...


[F]Then I went [G]far a[G7]way,
And [C]you found someone [C7]new.
[F]I read your [G7]letter dear,
And [C]I wrote [F7]back to [G7]you.

[C7]Roses are [F]red, my love,
Violets are [C]blue, [Am]
Sugar is [F]sweet, my love,
good [G7]luck, may god bless [C]you.

[C]Is that your [G7]little girl?
She looks a [C]lot like you.
Someday some [F]boy will write.
[G7]In her book [C]too.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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