Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt

{t:Santa Baby}
{artist:Eartha Kitt}
{c:intro vamp}
[C]Boom ba-[A7]boom ba-[F]boom ba-[G7]boom, ba-ba-ba-
[C]Boom ba-[A7]boom ba-[F]boom ba-[G7]boom, ba-ba-ba
{c:verse 1}
[C]Santa [A7]Baby, just [F]slip a sable [G7]under the [C]tree 
for [A7]me, 
[F]Iíve been an [G7]awfully good [C]girl, 
Santa [A7]baby. So [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night. [A7] [F] [G7]
{c:verse 2}
[C]Santa [A7]honey, a [F]'54 con-[G7]vertible [C]too 
Light [A7]blue.
[F]I'll wait [G7]up for you, [C]dear, 
Santa [A7] baby, and [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night. [A7] [F] [G7]
{c:bridge 1}
[E7]Think of all the fun Iíve missed
[A]Think all the fellas that I havenít kissed.
[D]Next year I could be just as good
If [G]you'd check off my [G7]Christmas list.
{c:verse 3}
[C]Santa [A7]baby, I [F]wanna yacht, and [G7]really that's [C]not 
a [A7]lot,
[F]Been an [G7]angel all [C]year, 
Santa [A7]baby, so [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night. [A7] [F] [G7]
{c:verse 4}
[C]Santa [A7]honey, [F]thereís one thing I [G7]really do [C]need,
The [A7]deed
[F]To a [G7]platinum [C]mine,
Santa [A7]honey, so [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night. [A7] [F] [G7]
{c:verse 5}
[C]Santa [A7]cutie, and [F]fill my stocking [G7]with a du-[C]plex,
And [A7]checks.
[F]Sign your [G7]'X' on the [C]line,
Santa [A7]cutie, and [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night. [A7] [F] [G7]
{c:bridge 2}
[E7]Come and trim my Christmas tree,
[A]With some decorations bought at Tiffany,
[D]I really do believe in you,
[G]Let's see if you be-[G7]lieve in me,
{c:verse 6}
[C]Santa [A7]baby, for-[F]got to mention [G7]one little [C]thing,
A [A7]ring.
[F]I don't [G7]mean on the [C]phone,
Santa [A7]baby, so [F]hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night, [A7]
[F]Hurry down the [G7]chimney to-[C]night, [A7]
[F]/   /   [G7]Hurry Ö  to-[C]night.

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