Silent Night

{t:Silent Night}
{c:verse 1}
[G]Silent night, holy night!
[D]All is [D7]calm, [G]all is [G7]bright,
[C]Round yon virgin, [G]mother and [G7]child,
[C]Holy infant so [G]tender and mild,
[D]Sleep in [D7]heavenly [G]peace [Em]
[G]Sleep in [D7]heavenly [G]peace.
{c:verse 2}
[G]Silent night, holy night!
[D]Shepherds [D7]quake [G]at the [G7]sight
[C]Glories stream from [G]heaven [G7]afar
[C]Heavenly hosts sing [G]Halleluia
[D]Christ the [D7]saviour is [G]born [Em]
[G]Christ the [D7]saviour is [G]born.
{c:verse 3}
[G]Silent night, holy night!
[D]Son of [D7]God, [G]love’s pure [G7]light
[C]Radiant beams from [G]thy holy [G7]face,
[C]With the dawn of [G]redeeming grace
[D]Jesus [D7]Lord at thy [G]birth [Em]
[G]Jesus [D7]Lord at thy [G]birth.

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