Singin' in the Rain

Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown (1929), Gene Kelly (1952)

{t:Singin' in the Rain}
{st:Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown (1929), Gene Kelly (1952)}

{c:strum: | d - d U - u d u | 1 2 + (3) + 4 + }

{c:verse 1}
I'm [F]sing-[Am]in' in the [F]rain,
[Am]Just [F]sing-[Am]in' in the [F]rain
[Am]What a [F]glo-[Am]rious [F]feel-[Am]ing,
I'm [Gm6]hap-[C7]py a-[Gm6]gain 
[C7]I'm [Gm6]laugh-[C7]in' at [Gm6]clouds,
[C7]So [Gm6]dark [C7]up a-[Gm6]bove
[C7]The [Gm6]sun's [C7]in my [Gm6]heart,
[C7]And I'm [F]rea-[C7]dy for [F]love [C7]

{c:verse 2}
Let the [F]stor-[Am]my clouds [F]chase,
[Am]every-[F]one [Am]from the [F]place [Am]
[F]Come [Am]on with the [F]rain,
[Am]I've a [Gm6]smile [C7]on my [Gm6]face 
[C7]I'll [Gm6]walk [C7]down the [Gm6]lane,
[C7]With a [Gm6]hap--[C7]py re-[Gm6]frain 
[C7]Just [Gm6]singin', [C7]just [Gm6]singin'
[C7]In the [F]rain [C7]   [F]

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