Sleeping By Myself

Eddie Veddar

{t:Sleeping By Myself}
{st:Eddie Veddar}
{define: A frets 2 1 0 4 fingers 2 1 0 4}
{c:strum: |: d - D - - u D u :| ( 1 2 (3) & 4 & )}

{c:verse 1}
[F]I should have [Dm]known there was someone [Am]else
[F]Down be-[Dm]low I always [Am]kept things to myself
Now I be-[Bb]lieve on nothing, [C7]not today
As I [E7]move myself out of your [Dsus4]sight     [D]
[Bb]I'll be sleeping [C7]by myself to-[F]night

{c:verse 2}
[F]I could never [Dm]go to no one [Am]else
[F]The hurt don't [Dm]show but who [Am]knows time will tell
I be-[Bb]lieve in nothing [C7]but the pain
And I [E7]can't see this turning out [Dsus4]right    [D]
[Bb]I'll be sleeping [C7]by myself to-[F]night

{c:bridge (last line slow down)}
[F7]Forever be sad and lonely
For-[A]ever never be the [Bb]same
I close my eyes
[G7]Wait for the sign
[C7]Am I just waiting in ↓vain?

{c:verse 3 (last line slow down)}
Oh I be-[F]lieve in [Dm]love and dis-[Am]aster
[F]Sometimes the [Dm]two are just the [Am]same
I'm [Bb]beginning to see [C7]what's left of me
Is gonna [E7]have to be free to sur-[Dsus4]vive     [D]
[Bb]I'll be sleeping [C7]by myself...
[Bb]I'll be sleeping [C7]by myself...
[Bb]I'll be sleeping [C7]by myself to-[F]↓night

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