Society’s Child

Janis Ian

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{t:Society’s Child}
{st:Janis Ian}

[Cm] Come to my [F] door, baby

[Cm] Face is clean and shining [F] black as night

[Cm] My mama went to [F] answer you know that you

[Eb] Looked so [F] fine 

Now [Bb] I could understand your tears & your shame

[D] She called you boy instead of your name

[Gm] When she wouldn't let you inside

[Eb] When she turned and said

"But honey, he's [F] not [Eb] our [F] kind"

She says [Am] I can't see you any [D7] more,baby

[Am] Can't see you any[D7] more 

[Cm] Walk me down to [F] school, baby

[Cm] Everybody's acting [F] deaf and blind

[Cm] Until they turn and [F] say

"Why don't you stick to [Eb] your own [F] kind"

My [Bb] teachers all laugh, their smirking stares

[D] Cutting deep down in our affairs

[Gm] Preachers of equality

[Eb] Think they believe it

Then why won't they just [F] let [Eb] us [F] be?

They say [Am] I can't see you any [D7] more, baby

[Am] Can't see you any [D7] more

[Cm] One of these days I'm gonna [F] stop my listening

[Cm] Gonna raise my head up [F] high

[Cm] One of these days I'm gonna [F] raise up

My glistening [Eb] wings and [F] fly

But [Bb] that day will have to wait for a while

[D] Baby, I'm only society's child

[Gm] When we're older, things may change

[Eb] But for now this is the way they [F] must [Eb] re [F] main

I say [Am] I can't see you any [D7] more, baby

[Am] Can't see you any [D7] more

No, [Bb] I don't want to see you any [C] more baby

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