Shapiro & Harry Middlebrooks

{st:Shapiro & Harry Middlebrooks}
{st:Lyrics: James Cobb & Buddy Buie}

Uke 1:  |Am   Bm    Am   Bm
Uke 2: A|3-03-22-2--3-03-22-2

In the [Am]cool of the evening
When [Bm]everything is gettin' kind of [Am]groovy [Bm]
You [Am]call you up and ask me
Would I [Bm]like to go with you and see a [Am]movie [Bm]
[Am]First I say no I've got some plans for the night
And then I [Bm]stop....and [Cdim]say all right
[Am]Love is kinda crazy
With a [Bm]spooky little boy like [Am]you [Em7]

You [Am]always keep me guessin'
I [Bm]never seem to know what you are [Am]thinkin' [Bm]
And if a [Am]girl looks at you
It's for [Bm]sure your little eye will be a [Am]winkin' [Bm]
[Am]I get confused I never know where I stand
And then you [Bm]smile....and [Cdim]hold my hand
[Am]Love is kinda crazy with a [Bm]spooky little boy like [Am]you
[Em7]Spooky yeah

Uke1:  |Am   Bm       Am   Bm       
Uke2: A|3-03-22-2-020-3-03-22-2-020-

Uke1:  |Am   Bm       Am   Bm
Uke2: A|3-03-22-2-020-3-03-22-2

[Am]If you decide some day
To [Bm]stop this little game that you are [Am]playin' [Bm]
I'm [Am]gonna tell you all the things
My [Bm]heart's been a dyin' to be [Am]sayin' [Bm]
[Am]Just like a ghost you've been a hauntin' my dreams
But now I [Bm]know.....you're [Cdim]not what you seem
[Am]Love is kinda crazy with a [Bm]spooky little boy like [Am]you
[Em7]Spooky yeah [Am]   [Bm]

[Am]Spooky [Bm]mmm [Am]spooky [Bm]yeah yeah
[Am]Spooky [Bm]ah ha ha oo [Am]spooky [Bm]ah ha ha [Am]


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