The Squid-Jiggin’ Ground

Arthur R. Scammell

{t:The Squid-Jiggin’ Ground}
{st:Arthur R. Scammell}

|NTRO:  [A]/ [D]/ [E7]/ [A]/ [A]/

[E7]↓Oh, [A]this is the place where the [D]fishermen [A]gather,
In [D]oilskins and [A]boots and Cape [E7]Anns battened [D]down;
All [A]sizes of [D]figures with [A]squid lines and jiggers,
They congregate [D]here on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓Some are [A]working their jiggers while [D]others are [A]yarnin',
There's [D]some standing [A]up and there's [E7]more lyin' [D]down;
While [A]all kinds of [D]fun, jokes and [A]tricks are begun,
As they wait for the [D]squid on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓There's [A]men of all ages and [D]boys in the [A]bargain,
There's [D]old Billy [A]Cave and there's [E7]young Raymond [D]Brown;
There's a [A]red-haired [D]Tory out [A]here in a dory,
A-running down [D]Squires on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓There's [A]men from the Harbour, there's [D]men from the [A]Tickle,
In [D]all kinds of [A]motorboats, [E7]green, grey and [D]brown;
Right [A]yonder is [D]Bobby and [A]with him is Nobby,
He's a-chawin' hard-[D]tack on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓God [A]bless my sou'wester, there's [D]Skipper John [A]Chaffey,
He's the [D]best hand at [A]squid jiggin' [E7]here, I'll be [D]bound;
Hel-[A]lo, what's the [D]rough? Why he's [A]jiggin' one now,
The very first [D]squid on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓The [A]man with the whisker is [D]old Jacob [A]Steele,
He's [D]getting well [A]up but he's [E7]still pretty [D]sound;
While [A]Uncle Bob [D]Hawkins wears [A]six pairs of stockings,
Whenever he's [D]out on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓Holy [A]smoke! What a scuffle, all [D]hands are ex-[A]cited,
'Tis a [D]wonder to [A]me that there's [E7]nobody [D]drowned;
There's a [A]bustle, [D]confusion, a [A]wonderful hustle,
They're all jiggin [D]squids on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓Says [A]Bobby, "The squids are on [D]top of the [A]water,
I [D]just got me [A]jiggers 'bout [E7]one fathom [D]down."
But a [A]squid in the [D]boat squirted [A]right down his throat,
And he's swearing like [D]mad on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓There's [A]poor Uncle Billy, his [D]whiskers are [A]spattered,
With [D]spots of the [A]squid juice that's [E7]flyin' [D]around;
One [A]poor little [D]boy got it [A]right in his eye,
But they don't give a [D]darn on the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

[E7]↓Now, if [A]ever you feel in-[D]clined to go [A]squiddin',
Leave your [D]white shirts and [A]collars be-[E7]hind in the [D]town;
And [A]if you get [D]cranky with-[A]out your silk hanky,
You better steer [D]clear of the [E7]squid-jiggin' [A]ground. [A]↓

{t:The Squid-Jiggin’ Ground}

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