The Way I Am

Ingrid Michaelson

{t:The Way I Am}
{st:Ingrid Michaelson}

|        [F]   [Bb]   [Dm]   [C]
|        [F]   [Bb]   [Dm]   [C]

[F]If you were [Bb]falling, [Dm]then I would [C]catch you
[F]You need a [Bb]light, [Dm]I’d find a [C]match
Cuz [Bb]I [C]love the [F]way you say good [Dm]morning
And [Bb]you [Bbm]take me the way I [F]am [F] 

[F]If you are [Bb]chilly, [Dm]here take my [C]sweater
[F]Your head is [Bb]aching, [Dm]I’ll make it [C]better
Cuz [Bb]I [C]love the [F]way you call me [Dm]baby
And [Bb]you [Bbm]take me the way I [F]am [F]

[F]I’d buy you [Bb]Rogaine, 
[Dm]When you start [C]losing all your [F]hair
[F]Sew on [Bb]patches, [Dm]to all you [C]tear
Cuz [Bb]I [C]love you more then [F]I could ever [Dm]promise
And [Bb]you [Bbm]take me the way I [F]am [Am]
[Bb]You [Bbm]take me the way I [F]am [G7]
[Bb]You [Bbm]↓ take me the [C]↓ way I [F]↓ am

{c:Clapping on line 3 and 4 (ending at the Bbm) in 1st 2 verses}
{c:Clapping on line 4, 5, 6, and 7 (ending at Bbm in line 7)}

    ↓↓    ↓
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

{t:The Way I Am}

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