The Wreck of the old 97

Johnny Cash

{t:The Wreck of the old 97}
{st:Johnny Cash}

|	[G]   [D]   [G]

They [G]give him his orders at [C]Monroe, Virginia,
Sayin', [G]"Steve, you're way behind [D]time
This is [G]not 38, this is [C]Old 97
[G]Put her into [D]Spencer on [G]time."

Well he [G]turned around and said to his [C]big, greasy fireman
“Hey [G]shovel on a little more [D]coal
And [G]when we cross that [C]wide Oak Mountain
[G]Watch Old ninety [D]seven [G]roll."

{c:Instrumental verse:}

It’s a [G]mighty rough road from [C]Lynchburg to Danville
On a [G]line with a three mile [D]grade
It was [G]on that grade that he [C]lost his air brakes
[G]See what a [D]jump he [G]made.

He was [G]goin’ down the grade makin’ [C]ninety miles an hour
His [G]whistle broke into a [D]scream
He was [G]found in the wreck with his [C]hand on the throttle
[G]Scalded to [D]death by the [G]steam.

Now [G]all you ladies you [C]better take a warning
From [G]this time on and [D]learn
Never [G]speak harsh words to your [C]true love or husband
He may [G]leave you and [D]never re-[G]turn.

{t:The Wreck of the old 97}

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