Those were the Days

Adams and Strouse

{t:Those were the Days}
{st:Adams and Strouse}

[C]Boy, the way Glenn Miller played
[C]Songs that made the [C7]Hit Parade
[F]Guys like us, we [G] had it made
[C]Those were the days

[C]Didn't need no welfare state
[C]Everybody[C7] pulled his weight
[F]Gee, our old La [G]Salle ran great
[C]Those were the days

[F]And you knew where you were then
[C]Girls were girls, and men were men
[Am]Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover a[G]gain

[C]People seemed to be content
[C]Fifty dollars [C7]paid the rent 
[F]Freaks were in a[G] circus tent
[C]Those were the days

[F]Take a little Sunday spin
[C]Go to watch the Dodgers win
[Am]Have yourself a dandy day that cost you under a [G]fin

[C]Hair was short and skirts were long
[C]Kate Smith really[C7] sold a song
[F]I just don't know [G]what went wrong
[C]Those were the days

{t:Those were the Days}

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